As a legal professional visiting clients in their homes I appreciate that even the most organised of people may find it increasingly difficult to keep on top of things. I know from experience that companies don’t always make their letters user friendly or their call centres easy to navigate.

For people who do not have support on hand keeping your affairs in order can become overwhelming and having paperwork ‘on show’ can compromise privacy- ADLAW can help.

What I offer

The ADLAW paper work ‘spring clean’ service offers a thorough and bespoke at home administration service assisting clients with things such as; understanding and dealing with correspondence, completing documentation, obtaining quotations and making appointments, all with total confidentiality assurance.  ADLAW can also assist with making professional telephone calls and navigating call centres. Few tasks these days are straightforward and ADLAW is happy to help with one-off communication if requested.

If required ADLAW can even create a user friendly filing system to meet your needs. Any documents which require disposal can be destroyed in your presence ensuring confidentiality and security.

Contact ADLAW for a friendly chat to discuss your specific requirements.

*Please note ADLAW is unable to give advice on whether you should cash in or transfer any assets referred to within your paperwork but can check whether they still exist and, should you need it, point you in the direction of somebody who can help.